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Hey there! I'm Tiye.

One of the worst interview prompts that I can hear is "Tell me about yourself." I never know where to start. I prefer more pointed questions that let me know what exactly you want to know about me. Well, this space is where I'll be able to take that thinking in any direction I want! I'm a writer, artist, puppy mom, curriculum and instruction director, and French fries lover trying my best to live my BEST life every single day.

Some of the Feminessay community expressed interest in developing a closer connection and relationship with me through my writing, so I created this space to share more of my personal writing. I write about all types of things from education to how a perfect braid out can change my day, so you'll learn a lot about me through my writing.  I will use this blog to engage and converse with readers and writers in an informal way about different things that I care about from my favorite shows to world issues. Please feel free to leave comments on posts, like and share my writing, and drop me a line using the contact from below.

I can't wait to interact with you all and I hope that you have just as much fun here as I do!

All the love,


Founder + Global Editor-in-Chief, Feminessay



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